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May 6, 2010


The Canadian Tire Store at 4630 Sheppard Avenue East (McCowan and Sheppard), Scarborough, has expanded it portfolio to include food products.

This store is a prototype (first of its kind), incorporating a wide selection of grocery items for your shopping convenience.

You may now pick up all your tools, garden supplies, car parts and accessories, tires, patio furniture and food, all in one convenient location.

Canadian Tire has allocated ample aisles of shelf space specifically for the Mr.Spyros Peter Goudas line of grocery products.

Not only can you purchase tools, car parts and accessories, kitchen appliances, etc., you can outfit your garden and fill your kitchen cupboards with a great selection of food products at very reasonable prices.

The entire organization is thrilled to be the brand of choice.

There are more than 700 products at 3 major Canadian Tire locations.

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