Retired or plan to retire CHIR RADIO 2007

Bill Diamantopoulos CHIR RADIO  2007

Retired or plan to retire

Usually, people at 65 are already retired or plan to retire. 

However, there are no such thoughts for Spyros Peter Goudas. 

He has been a certified work-a-holic all his life.

Additionally, with the wealth of knowledge and experience, he possesses in his field, he is unable to re-program his thinking and intends to continue on for as long as the Lord gives him health, strength and mental alertness.

Over the years he has been contributing to the needs of those less fortunate, as evidenced in the Letters of Appreciation Section of his website. 

During our interview, he mentioned to me that he would like to maintain his philanthropy.

 He muttered to himself, Who will help these people if I don't?.

His Goudas Recipes website has extended recipe ideas.

However, now more than ever before, he has a desire to incorporate more of the multicultural dishes that reflect the population of Canada.

The FlyerMall website, a pioneer in flyer advertising, has begun to incorporate European and Asian flyers. 

His intention is to expand the site to a global audience since the site has millions of viewers on a regular basis.

Within FlyerMall pages is a link called FlyerMall Tubes which incorporates links for interesting subjects, people, places, things, and events, some of which are very informative and educational.

He would like to expand this section even further since viewers frequently ask him to expand the topics.

Of course, he plans to continue bringing to your table the best foods the world has to offer!

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