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Mar 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Sir

Another Milestone, another Triumph

A lifetime of accomplishments coloured with moments of pain or illness amongst business gains and mishaps - the tip of the iceberg for many of us.
Experiences and challenges surpassed that some can or choose only to imagine.

Never accepting defeat or succumbing to the pressure and uncertainties of his business or personal life. Few, like him, have emerged time and time again, scarred, but wiser, stronger and more motivated than ever before.

Therein lays an unquestionable mark of perseverance amidst life’s qualms and a testament to his resilience, resourcefulness and strength.

Peter Spyros GoudasPeter Spyros Goudas


The Man of all Seasoning” has for the past forty years established himself and his over one thousand food products within the ethnic communities in Canada.

So much so, that many believe he is from “their” part of the world.
Caribbean, Filipino, Indian, Asian, etc. he is not, but given the exceptional taste and quality of his products one would never know.


In 1967, with very little means, a handsome, ambitious, young, man arrived in Halifax, Canada from Greece.Since then, he has weathered many storms, fought many battles and won.

His life, its highs and lows have all abetted in his insurmountable success and the legacy which he has amassed and now shares over his websites.

From his recipes, his books and articles and the many food items available all over Canada under numerous brands but most popularly under the Mr. Goudas label.

All evidence of seventy three years well spent giving in one form or another to others.

And now as he embarks on the other half (I’d like to think) of his sojourn, it is my hope that he is truly, happy with all he has accomplished, created and shared.

Peter Spyros GoudasHis unquestionable philanthropy and service to others as evidenced in his letters of appreciation amidst all else is why he is recognised and celebrated not just today but everyday.

Hopefully, you now understand the extent to which this humble, yet great man has touched the lives of many.

He is loved and appreciated by various nationalities here in Canada and all over the world.

Should you click on the picture above you will view him speaking to over one thousand individuals about his  experiences.

He also shares details about his most recent undertaking which involved the shipment of much needed food supplies to the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Now this may come as a surprise but a prominent Black Paper, published in Canada which is read by individuals all over the world during the month of February- Black History Month- (a month that celebrates prominent individuals of Black decent and heritage, who have made significant contributions in history), thought it befitting to celebrate him.

Individuals such as Martin Luther King Junior, Fredrick Douglass, Robert Nester Marley, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Rosa Parks etc. are but a few who have been celebrated. 

Jamaican Xpress What Canada would be without Mr Goudas pays homage to Mr Goudas for his contributions and efforts to the society in general..The Jamaican Xpress Newspaper recently chose Peter Spyros Goudas, a Greek business man who though obviously not of African decent has and continues to make his mark in the Black community.

The article entitled What Canada would be without Mr Goudas pays homage to Mr Goudas for his contributions and efforts to the society in general..

All this from one man who truly understands what it means to be poor, homeless and in need.
It should therefore come as no surprise that he dedicates his Biography to:

 “All people moving to another country, facing a new culture, language and surroundings,

without any friends or any money. Young people who can learn from my experiences.

Those who are depressed and are feeling as though the world is crashing around them, due to bad luck or serious injury….This is a solid testament of my desire to share feelings, experiences, accomplishments, the highs and lows, with our customers, general public, supporters, friends and even the competition, whose respect I feel that I have earned.”

Clearly the stars were aligned, when the Creator on the 29th of March, 1942, Palm Sunday, blessed Thekla, with a beautiful, boy named Spyros.

It is 73 years later, and an extra ordinary human being and business man is celebrated.

Happy Birthday Sir Peter Spyros Goudas!

It is a pleasure to have made your acquaintance.

May you journey with good stead while you continue to impart knowledge, advice, recipes and create food products that fortify and sustain us.

With Profound Respect and Admiration

Mickel Allen

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