The passing of Koukla a very sad story 2010

You may read the delightful story of these three animals.


To the non animal lover this booklet is of no significance.
It may have been pleasant reading but did not evoke any deep feelings or emotions.

To animal lovers, on the other hand, this booklet speaks directly to their hearts.

There are millions of people who treat animals like a part of their family and their love for these animals flows from deep within them.
Sometimes you may see an elderly lady holding a dog close to her chest, a gentleman walking his dog around the block late in the evening, or the macho men with their pit bulls or a young kid with a lassie look alike collie.

Regardless of the nationality, color or religion, when it comes to their animals the international language is Love!
Each one of these people places priority on the safety, protection, and health of their pet.

Life continues and as long as the pet has you and you have them, everything is fine and dandy.
However, like Greek mythology, everything good comes to an end.
The lifespan of the pet eventually comes to an end.

There are hundreds of stories related to the loss of an animal, either by accident or natural causes.

Nevertheless, the ending is always a sad story.
Each individual reacts differently.

One thing they all have in common is the pain and grief that the loss leaves inside.

The original booklet was printed some time ago, and we were just about ready to reprint with additional information.

However, this information is not pleasant because we are about to announce the passing of our beloved Koukla.

The void she has left is incredible.
Each moment we expect to hear the ringing of the bells which precedes her arrival, or turn to the left or to the right and see her there!

On Friday morning, Koukla showed signs of dizziness and was unable to walk straight.

Consequently, she spent most of the day in the arms of her master.

The next day, wanting to make her feel better Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas placed her in her basket and took her outside for a day in the sunshine.

The new addition to the family, Miss Mon Amour, the Siamese princess, was present since she and Koukla had become best friends.

Amazingly, with some kind of cat wisdom and knowledge, Mon Amour kept walking around Koukla, continually smelling her breath to ensure that Koukla was still breathing.

Mr.Goudas was advised by the veterinarian that the inevitable was apparent since Koukla was already 16 years old.

As you may see in the pictures, Mr. Goudas spent more than 2 hours coming to terms with the situation, until Koukla took her final breath Saturday, June 12, 2010, at 3:24 p.m.

He was overcome with grief and held her lovingly in his arms, stroking her still the beautiful coat of fur for an extraordinarily long period of time.

His beloved Koukla was gone, his heart filled with love and pain, eyes overflowing with tears of grief.
Time and life seemed to stand still.

Animal lovers will understand at this particular moment that we do not have any words to describe this feeling!

Finally composing himself, Spyros Peter Goudas began to perform all the acts necessary at a time like this.

He informed those close to him of Koukla’s passing and tried to find a place where her remains could be kept until Monday morning.

He called the Humane Society and the individual who answered the telephone knew the Koukla Story and Mr. Goudas recommended a Veterinary Clinic in Richmond Hill.

Thankfully, and to his amazement, they actually knew who Koukla was as well.
He was grateful and also humbled by this experience.

The legacy of Koukla will live on.
We miss her, we love her, and we always will.

On the Monday following her passing, Mr. Goudas and staff of the main office said their farewells and she was interred next to Irma.

Goodbye, Koukla.

It is very strange, but each moment we seem to expect your presence.
You are gone but you will never be forgotten.

The following pictures are not really a pretty sight but they show the emotions involved in losing a beloved animal.

The legacy of Koukla will live on.
We miss her, we love her, and we always will.
You are gone but you will never be forgotten.

For those of you who have never heard the name Koukla before and are wondering why such an intense show of emotion at the passing of an animal. 
We want you to realize that Koukla was a very special pet poodle.

She was never more than two feet away from her master, Mr. Goudas, day or night. 
She even sat on his lap while he traveled. 
Her barking alerted him to visitors to his premises.

On August 23, 2003, Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas wrote one of the most beautiful stories about an animal, titled, The Koukla Story, which was published immediately after its creation.

Additionally, The Koukla Story was published in several languages and followed up with several CDs narrated in the different language from the most beautiful voices in the world.

There are several articles in numerous newspapers and publications. 
By clicking on this link here, you will discover why this little French Poodle will virtually live on forever in memory and in print.

Today, August 23, 2013, is the ten year anniversary of the writing of the book and we asked Mr. Goudas for permission to publish the above pictures.

He mentioned that since more than one million people know about the story, the pictures are not private anymore.

Even today, ten years later, The Koukla Story is still loved by animal lovers and kids everywhere. 


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