Aug 2, 2013

Mr. Percy Thomas pays a visit

Percy Thomas

In the photograph, you see Mr. Percy Thomas and Mr. Goudas.

Maybe the name Percy Thomas, may not be of significance to you, however, should you go back into history, you will notice that Mr. Thomas was an integral part in the creation of the Saturday Night Musical Recipe along with others like, Colin Hansen, Jasse MacDonald, Mahoney,and  and Roy Stewart.

Percy Thomas Peter Goudas

The Saturday Night Musical Recipe brings back memories of the endless nights spent in the creation of the most beautiful Multicultural Society Program in Canada.

Documentation of this event is expanded further in the 2013 issue of the Jamaican Express, specifically the article, “How Canada Would Be Without Mr. Goudas”. 

Percy pursued his career in the sales of Plastics and packaging material for the food industry.

He retired from this business in 2001 and relocated to his native country (island) of St. Vincent in the Caribbean.
Like any other immigrant who resided in Canada, after so many years, he returns for a visit.

This memorable photograph was taken during a meeting at the Goudas Foods office. Percy (76 years young, and Spyros Peter (71 years young) have both aged like fine wine.

Percy extended an invitation for Mr. Goudas to visit him in St. Vincent, an invitation that Peter wishes to fulfill, tour the country, meet as many locals as possible, to inspire a new book about the wonderful island of St. Vincent.

Therefore, stay tuned, there may be the best book ever written on St. Vincent forthcoming by Spyros Peter Goudas.

To view more information on the CHIC radio station program, click here.  This article not only mentions the impact Mr. Goudas has made in the food industry, but also describes his involvement and participation which led to an amendment of the CRTC law for multicultarual programming in Canada.

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