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Feb 27, 2013

The Jamaican Express Newspaper .Black History Month

A printed article appeared in the February 27 to March 15, 2013 edition of The Jamaican Express Newspaper.

The month of February has been designated Black History Month highlighting the achievements and accomplishments of Black and African Americans.

Never in the history of this newspaper or any other newspaper related to the Black community has there been an emphasis on the achievements of a non-black or African American.

However, the newspaper emphasized one man’s contribution, not only to the black community, but also to all ethnicities within the nation of Canada.

The reason we focused on such an article is because the man that is involved in this write-up is none other than Spyros Peter Goudas, a Greek immigrant, who has changed been recognized by other nationalities including the black community.

Let us examine the article and find the deep reasons why he deserves this honour.

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