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Dec 31, 2011


Mr. Jae-Kyueng Choi and Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas: A meeting of the newly formed work-a-holics club! 

Spyros Peter Goudas (69) and Jay-Kyueng Choi (78) have both gotten a bit older.
They have aged well, like fine wine and cheese, still active and compulsive work-a-holics. 

Mr. Choi arrived in Canada on June 9, 1970. He worked at odd jobs in the food manufacturing business. 

On August 27, 1982, Mr. Choi joined forces in the Mr. Goudas Building on McCormack Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. 

His intention was to create specialized items to accommodate the Korean community, which, at the time, was approximately 10,000. 

Items produced in his area of the building were Bean Sprouts. It was a very complicated process, especially when intended for commercial usage. 

Over the years, Mr. Choi achieved perfection of the Bean Sprout and has embarked into other areas. 

At present, he has created Rice Noodles in Beef, Chicken and Clam flavours. They are all sterilized fresh and vacuum packed. 

Another creation is Rice Ovaletts ? rice tubes that are a favourite with Italians. 

He has also developed a Fish Extract with no fishy smell, no grease and a clear light amber colour using an extraction process in a glass lined reactor, and under vacuum pressure, using filtration, filters out all the oil and grease, with a small addition of salt, further filtration, sterilization and packaging for domestic or industrial use. 

Mr. Choi is considered to be a pioneer in his industry that aims not only to capture the Korean nationals, but every other nationality that loves that fish extract flavour. 

Mr. Jae-Kyueng Choi graduated from the University of Seoul, Korea in Biochemistry and worked as a Research Chemist at The Best Institute, University of Toronto. 

Since they both had a bit of free time, they came together to reminisce and have some discussion and this has nothing to do with the recent developments in Korea and the death of its President. 

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