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Sep 23, 2011

OVERWEIGHT, Highway to a healthy life


The book, OVERWEIGHT, Highway to a healthy life, is finally complete

It documents the complete lifestyle change of an overweight individual with diabetes who was one step away from having to use insulin on a daily basis. His blood test results were scary! 

The realization that only a drastic change in eating habits and lifestyle could save his life. 

Most of the books written about overweight individuals are selling gimmick. 

Mr. Goudas, on the other hand, reveals information without attempting to sell you anything. 

In fact, he adds that the diet included eliminates a large portion of different categories of products he produces. 

Many people within the organization advised him not to publish such a book.

However, if you check back in the archives on the website, in the English Video, on the link titled Ken Shah, you will note the Mr. Shah states that Mr. Goudas hears what he wants to hear and does what he wants to do! 

In this instance, this is exactly the case because Spyros Peter Goudas knows and believes that if someone is overweight, he/she needs some encouragement to lose the excess weight by following a strict diet. 

Read the book, which is a true account of a weight loss journey of a personal friend who revealed his story to Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas.

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