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Aug 15, 2011


The photo on the cover shows Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas in his safari shirt, with elephants in the background, a portion of fufu and some stewed catfish with spinach. 

It is important to know that Mr. Goudas rarely travels. Nevertheless, he knows every part of the world, the food, the production, the distribution, the different dishes, the preparation and taste of the foods of all the nationalities. 

Now at age 69, with all the knowlege he has acquired and possesses, when someone asks him how much he knows, he says I know nothing, I am now beginning to learn. There are so many foods and dishes around the world that it is almost impossible for someone to says he knows everything. 

Mr. Goudas has spent a considerable amount of time to write this new book to perfection.
It is related to dishes that the main and staple food for countries in Central Africa. 

Therefore, should you care to take an African Food Safari, take this book along because according to what is written in the book: There is no cannelloni, tortellini, canneloni, tamales, tortillas, empanadas, not even feta cheese. 

There is, however, FuFu, and he insists in the book to repeat after him, FuFu, FuFu, FuFu. 

We suggest that you read and enjoy. 

During the writing of this book, Mr. Goudas engaged himself in supporting the food requirements of a group of underpriviliged children in Ghana, Africa.

Click of this link, read the book and enjoy the journey into another culture,
African Food Safari.

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