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Mar 18, 2011


Beets are a popular international vegetable and are available in all grocery stores. 

Those who love beets, purchase them, boil them, peel them and eat them in salads or as a side dish, which is very simple and delicious due to the nature of Beets. 

However, canning beets is somewhat complicated. In fact, it is one of the most difficult vegetables to can. 

First of all, Beets vary depending upon where they are grown.
For instance, Canadian Beets do not have that rich, ruby red colour, nor the indentifying circles.
As a consequence, when canned they become darker and with a soft, mushy texture. 

Over the years, Mr. SPYROS PETER GOUDAS and his team worked with growers in different countries to preserve the firmness, the circles, the taste and the texture of the Beet. 

When the container finally arrived, Mr. Goudas was anxious and excited. 

The attached photo has not been enhanced in photo shop.
This is the actual contents of the newly arrived Sliced Beets: a beautiful plate of Beets. 

The appearance was perfect. Obviously, we had to perform a taste test. 

We drained the water, added a little vinegar, Olive Oil and garlic.

The bite was firm (as it should be), and the taste was exceptional, in fact, out of this world, magnifico! 

Everyone in the office had a Beet Salad for lunch and Thanked Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas for, once again, bringing the best the world has to offer to our table! 

Beets are an excellent source of Iron and Vitamin C.

Friendly reminder from Goudas Foods: If these products are not available at the store where you presently do your shopping, then ask the manager to order them for you. 
If your request is not met, that means that you may have to consider changing store.

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