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Apr 24, 2010


A gentleman with a distinctive West Indian accent called today. He was very curious about Peter Goudas. 

He stated that he is now retired and lives in the Caribbean and was in Toronto for a short time. He needed to verify if Peter were still alive because he had heard somewhere that Peter had passed away. 

Of course, he is still alive, I responded. In fact, he is sitting right here. 

I gave him the directions to the factory. A short while later, a tall, stately looking gentleman arrived. 

The expression on his face upon seeing Mr. Goudas was priceless. 

This gentleman, Godwin Francis now 80 years young, has known Peter since the days of the 813 Club of 1970. 

He fondly stated that if Peter were in Heaven, he would have driven there to see him. 

He recalled memories among them, this one in particular when he ran out of ice at his daughter's wedding. 

Peter told him not to worry that, since he is very busy with the wedding he would look after the situation. He went on the state that Peter provided ice to last him a lifetime. 

He even recalled a dance move Peter (Mr. Whoo) had that he imitated. This was a revelation to Mr. Goudas. 

Godwin Francis is a strong supporter of the Goudas line of products, stating that it is the only brand he purchases and recommends it to everyone, even in the Caribbean. 

This news of his passing is not new to Peter due to the fact that one night while driving and listening to his radio, he heard the news about Johnny Lombardi, the creator of CHIN Radio, passing. Many listeners phoned in to the radio station to give comments and spoke about great immigrants. 

One particular listener stated that Johnny Lombardi was a great personality and innovator in the Italian community, similar to Mr. Goudas of Goudas foods who had passed a few days ago. 

(You may refer to the biography, The Immigrant, under the 813 Club.)

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