May 25, 2009

Ms. Despina Sinanis BOUGATSA Are you wondering what Bougatsa is all about

Are you wondering what Bougatsa is all about. 

This particular dessert is very popular in Turkey, Greece and the middle eastern countries. 

Although we do not carry a line of Bougatsas, the ingredients are part of our business. 

Additionally, Mr. Goudas loves Bougatsa. So finally, he has provided you with another booklet, called The Bougatsa Story

Ms. Despina Sinanis, an expert in the preparation of this dessert, has honoured us with her Bougatsa recipe. 

Mr. Goudas finally documented the recipe. However, before he printed it, he sent a copy to her. Initially, she was overwhelmed with the idea, pictures and humour. 

Although Mr. Goudas listed the recipe as provided and got the green light that it was correct, two hours later the phone rang and Ms. Despina advised him that certain proportions had to be changed within the recipe. She had been making Bougatsa for many years and used a pinch of this and a handful of this based upon her experience. 

However, in order to be precise, and provide exact measurements, she made a Bougatsa from scratch in order to accuratly advise Mr. Goudas. 

The process continued until way beyond 2:00 a.m. when she finally ccompleted the masterpiece and prompted him to change the recipe accordingly. 

The story and recipe for Bougatsa may be viewed on 

The booklet written by Mr. Goudas is funny and worthwhile reading. 

The recipe by Ms. Despine Sinanis is the only Bougatsa recipe you will ever need. 

Read, enjoy and create.

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