Mar 20, 2009


Gerry Kosky, our Logistics, Production and Warehouse Supervisor, has finally reached the age of maturity and the age of retirement. 

He originated from England and joined Goudas Foods in the 80,s at the McCormack location. 

Over the years, Gerry demonstrated his ability to wear several hats and deal with all employees in an excellent and professional manner. 

In one filmed interview, Gerry stated that life with Mr. Goudas was like this, some mornings in our regular meetings to brief him on production, I felt like choking Mr. Goudas to death because he is so demanding. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Goudas sent him and his wife on a vacation to the Greek islands, not only to view the beautiful scenery and learn about Greek traditions, but also to learn how to make a good cup of Greek Coffee. 

From now on, he will be working minimum hours to ensure that those assuming the responsibilities of his position are adequately trained to assume command. 

As for Mr. Goudas, he is going to miss the opportunity to give sh#@t to someone early in the morning. 

In reality, Gerry Kosky will be missed; after all, he has been a part of the Goudas organization for many, many years. 

Mr. Goudas and all Goudas Foods employees wish him the very best.

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