Mar 8, 2009


Mr. Goudas is introducing the most famous of all fruits into his line of products: The Olive. 

From the beginning of time the word Olive has been. The olive branch brought to Noah after the Flood by a dove, The Sermon on Mount Olive. 

The olive is also recorded in Greek Mythology relating to Homer in the Odyssey, and Athena and Poseidon. It is even mentioned in the Quaran. 

Olives are synonymous with Greece, the Mediterranean region, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Italy and Iran. 

The Goudas line of Olives include: The Kalamata, a large, black olive smooth and full of meat named after the city of Kalamata, Greece. The Manzanilla, large, and round with a purple-green skin. It has a full-bodied rich taste. 

Black Olives and Green Cocktail Olives are also part of the product line. 

We extend a wholehearted welcome to all our customers and friends to indulge their senses. 

Of course, some may say, so what, or even, what is the big deal. Everyone has a brand of olives and some of these brands are catered to individuals who have no idea about olives and would accept them whether they are too soft, too slippery, too pale, too soggy, too salty, too too too, and all the toos. 

But try to sell an olive to those who know the species. 

The olive must be perfect, must be uniform, must have the right colour, the right size, there, there, there.

Well, our company took the test and Mr. Goudas himself made it his task to pack the best quality of each category, with the right amount of salt, colour, size, etc., etc. 

So in a short period of time, you will see a container similar to what is in the picture, with the label, Olive Barrel. 

Therefore, if this is brand, Mr. Goudas Olive Barrel, is not on your supermarket shelf then, we are very sorry that you will not be able to taste the best Olives the world has to offer. 

To let you understand how much Mr. Goudas knows about olives, click on the link About Goudas, at the end of the biography at the bottom there is a link, Mr. Goudas early days family photo. 

This will enable you to understand how passionate and how much he know about Olives. 

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