Mar 3, 2009

The Prime Minister gave the thumbs up The Lima Beans booklet, 2008 Olympic opening China

As you can see, Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas never sleep. There is always something new, a new product, a new book, a new recipe, a new store opening, etc., etc, 

In fact, it has been suggested that when you call 911 in the future, the operator should state, do you want to contact the police, fire department, ambulance or Goudas. 

Of course, this reflects the company, but the reality is that Mr. Goudas himself, always comes up with something new. 

In this instance, he had just completed the new version of The Lima Beans booklet, when an idea for a commercial came into his mind. 

Here is the story as he wrote it into the booklet along with pictures of the Gandula area, the head of the Olympic committee, the all-purpose athlete and, of course, the prime minister 

After I presented my idea to the staff at our meeting, a few voted "no", but the majority thought it was extremely funny and should be incorporated somewhere within one of the booklets. 

So here is the commercial that I intend to produce and fit into a 30-second time slot. 

For over a week, I was without my TV satellite, therefore without television. 

Although I have a collection of over 3,000 films, from Casablanca to 4 Feathers, I choose to watch a CD recording of the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing that was given to me but I never had the opportunity to watch. 

Upon viewing the opening, I admit that I have sincere admiration for the Chinese for the amount of work and effort placed into making that day possible. 

Imagine, 2,008 drummers, performing in precision timing and hundreds of athletes as part of their team. Imagine further, someone thinking if it is possible to see something of this stature ever again. 

Could another country have a better opening than this? Well, I do not think so! 

However, the Olympics will continue. 

Eventually, sometime in the future, maybe in the year 2148, a very small country may have the privilege of hosting the event. 

It was at that moment, the idea of making a commercial to reflect the opening ceremonies of a very small country came to mind. Most likely, the preparation for the opening will be a big headache for their officials. 

Once informed that their country had been awarded the honor of hosting the next Olympics, excitement and fever ran through them. 

The Prime Minister called for a general meeting in the small town of Salaguaya, the capital of Malaguaya. Within the tiny meeting room, the following events took place. 


The Prime Minister, the Head of the Olympic Committee and the Head of Athletic Committee along with a member of the cabinet are in a meeting in a small board room, in the city of Salaguya, the Capital of Malaguya. 

The Prime Minister states that the 2008 Olympics in Beijing were very good with 2,008 participants in the Opening Ceremonies. However, our little country has the privilege of hosting the next Olympics, but we are poor and cannot imitate the Chinese. We have to do our own little thing and we have to be the best. 

Firstly, he inquired: Do we have a place big enough to accommodate all the visitors? 

The Head of the Olympic Committee responded: Of course. There is that field in the Gandula Area, few acres, not too far from the jungle and it is quite safe. (Show map and zero on the city. Lions, tigers and cheetahs are roaming about.) 

He paused for a moment and inquired: 

How many athletes do we have? 

The Head of the Athletic Committee proudly turns and states, 

"One Sir. 

Just One!" 

The Prime Minister was flabbergasted. 

Yes, but he is a very good one, Sir. 

He is what we call an All-Purpose Athlete. 

We have a film to demonstrate his multi-talented abilities. With your permission, 

we would like to show it to you, Sir. 

Go ahead. The Head of the Olympic Committee roared: Roll the projector?... 

The screen opens with a chubby fellow clad in a tight Olympic T-shirt with 

7 Olympic rings on the back and the title 

All-Purpose Athlete. 

He begins his routine: boxing, swimming, fencing, throwing the discus, etc, in effect, performing all major sporting events in quick succession. 

The scene fades to black and reopens with 10 large flaming candles behind The All-Purpose Athlete. 

He suddenly bends down like a quarterback with his back to the candles and adjusts his shorts downward 

The camera does not show his exposed butt. 

It does, however, show a close up of him taking a deep breath and getting ready for the right moment. 

Suddenly, he let out a barrage of 

compressed air and the cameras zoom 

in on the candles. 

All ten of them in precision timing were 

extinguished one at a time. 

The camera then shows the athlete with a big smile of satisfaction on his face doing a victory dance. 

The Prime Minister was astonished 

and questioned: 

How did he do it? 

The Head of the Olympic Committee 

proudly responded: 



The Prime Minister gave the thumbs up, smiled and stated, 

We are going to have a wonderful opening. I love it.

Σπυρος Γουδας. Αγαπητοί φίλοι αυτών των ενημερωτικών βιβλιαρίων. Μήπως η φωτογραφία του εξωφύλλου σας ανοίγει την όρεξη; Θα ενδιαφερόσασταν να γνωρίσετε πώς να το φτιάξετε μόνοι σας; Γνωρίζουμε ότι, μερικές φορές φαίνεται αδύνατο σε ένα νέο μάγειρα, αλλά θα σας δώσουμε όλες τις πληροφορίες που χρειάζονται για τη συνταγή.
Ακόμη και να αποτύχεται την πρώτη φορά, μην ανησυχείτε.
Το μόνο που θα χάσετε είναι περίπου $5.00 και λίγο χρόνο.


"Repeat these words to yourself...( 'Oh my God! I am a chef.)
I have just officially graduated from Peter Spyros Goudas University in the Art of Cooking!' " This is what you will be saying after you read this book which contains two signature recipes for appetizing and delicious meals from Mr. Goudas himself, all based the nutritious lima bean.
In this booklet, you can also read what will happen if a small country is awarded hosting the next Olympics. It is a wonderful comedy full of surprises.


PS  Nor even one person died in  Salaguya, Capital of Malaguya from Coronavirus   




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