Feb 1, 2009



The following incident is real. 

Earlier today, Mr. Goudas was leaving the office when he encountered a former employee.

This individual asked him if he could drop him off at a particular location.

Upon reaching the destination, Mr. Goudas realized that it was a church building, the location of a food bank. 

His curiosity was aroused, and after dropping off the former employee, he parked his vehicle and went into the building. 

He entered the reception area and approached the receptionist.

He did not identify himself or gave any clues to who he actually was. 

The receptionist looked up, saw a sad old man standing in front of her with a cane and evidence of pain and discomfort on his face and she proceeded to do her job.

She did not asked if he had an appointment, identification and proof of income, before she give a basket to assess his need. 

He smiled and stated that he was not there to pick up food; he needed to know a bit more about the organization and to examine the surroundings because he could be a potential sponsor.

He knew deep within that these people were honest and sincere about their mission.

When he saw the people waiting to receive whatever this food bank was capable of giving them.

For a moment he went back in time to the period when he was homeless himself, sleeping on the streets.

(Biography, The Immigrant, page 18, English version). 

Dumating siya s Halifax noong May 14, 1967 na may humigit kumulang na 100 dollar sa kanyang bulsa at walang kaalam-alam sa wikang English.
Ang dala niyang pera ay kaunti lamang at walang ibang pupuntahan kaya sa malayo’t madali naubos ito at wala siyang pambayad sa matutuluyan kundi sa kalye siya matutulog.

He was given a tour and advised of the history and mission of the organization. 

When he finally identified himself, they were all surprised and extremely pleased to meet Mr. Goudas in person. 

This group of individuals are members of The Mount Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church and volunteers at this Food Bank, located 140 St. Regis Crescent, Downsview, Ontario M3J lY8 416-575-8370 (Nearest Intersection: Sheppard Avenue West & Keele Street.) 

This agency,s primary objective is to serve no or low-income individuals and families within their boundaries. 

Mr. Goudas was advised that their allotment is sometime insufficient for the number of requests for food, and they try their very best never to turn anyone away. 

In addition to the food bank, in cooperation their church community, they also provide a sit-down diner for the homeless in Toronto. 

Mr. Goudas was very impressed with the staff and the work they were doing.

He then advised the group that He will provide regular donations directly to this cause. 

Needless to say, they were all very grateful. 

The group photo at leter days says it all. 

Any individual or company willing to donate, contact information is above.

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