Aug 1, 2008

Haroot Sarkissian ARMENIAN WEDDING

Haroot Sarkissian, an associate to Goudas Foods in the distribution of Middle Eastern Foods, and a long time friend of Mr. Goudas, took one of the biggest steps in his life. 

In a beautiful traditional Armenian-style double wedding, Haroot said Oh Yes I Do to Sona and his brother, Berge did the same with Hayganosh. 

The brides, two beauties from Armenia, were ravishing in their gowns.

The mother of the grooms was overjoyed. 

Mr. Goudas states that usually brides are beautiful, but these two brides radiated an extra special beauty. 

The reception was a celebration of the marriage, everyone participated in the celebration.

However, we noted that except for the brides and groom dancing together in the initial stages of the celebration, the dancing was a group celebration.

For example, everybody, and we mean everybody, formed a large circle by holding hands, making small steps forward and backwards. 

A live band provided the musical entertainment.

There were also two native Armenians, one playing a drum and the other a wind instrument throughout the occasion. 

There was a wonderful assortment of appetizers and main courses and a huge assortment of desserts. 

An Armenian wedding is a very big holiday.

The ceremony included betrothal, engagement and wedding itself.

In the days of old, the celebration was a seven-day event.

Today it is more to the modern day norm. 

Presentation of presents was a completely separate ceremony.

The relatives of the grooms, the brides and the guests gave the newly married couples jewelry, fabrics, household goods, and money. 

Having a large circle of guests is part of the tradition.

Generally, the closest married couple known to the groom and the bride, referred to as the God family is important, and are witnesses to the event.

The God family must be an exemplary couple. The Godfather brings the most expensive wedding gift. That explains the Lamborghini in the parking lot. 

The wedding ceremony was filled with special moments.

For example, there was a moment referred to as the redemption of the brides where sums of money were requested.

It was the Godfathers, honor to find this amount (which was symbolic). 

The brides were taken to the altar by their sponsors.

It was responsibility of the God families for the new families throughout the celebration from beginning to end. 

At the wedding, the brides each cuddled a boy child, symbolizing the desire to have a male first-born. 

Another tradition we overheard during the celebration was the presentation of a red apples symbolizing virginity to the brides, home. 

From all of us at Goudas Foods: Congratulation to both couples.

We sincerely wish them the very best.

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