Jun 4, 2008


The celebration of Panos, birthday was a Goudas Foods employee event. 

Some of the employees have been working with the company even before Panos was born. Others, came along and watched him grow up. To the long term employees, he is that little boy who played around the plant, or visited after school, and eventually began working among them. At the age of 5 when he was able to start the forklift and because his feet were not long enough to press the brake, he would shout RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY. In fact, some did not only run away, but sped out of his way. 

Today, along with the new employees on the production line, they all participated in the celebration of his 29th birthday.. 

They watched Panos grow into a smart and diligent young man who has become an integral part of the organization. 

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