Jan 2, 2008



After a short hiatus, the Mr. Goudas line of products will once again be available for your shopping pleasure at your local Sobeys. 

Obviously, it will take some time to restock the shelves with products based on the demographics of the area, however a team of retail specialists from both Sobeys and Goudas Foods are working to ensure that the selection of products will reflect the multicultural face of Canada. 

As you may know, Sobeys is one of the leading grocery chains across Canada and the organization also owns Price Chopper, Foodland, IGA, Knectels, Lumsden and other subsidiaries. 

We will advise further of the different locations. 

The history of the Mr. Goudas line of products in this chain began back in 1973 and according to Mr. Goudas, biography, it states the following: 

"In 1973, Oshawa Foods, operating the IGA and Food City stores, decided to give a section in two of their Food City stores to Mr. Goudas (the first one in Dupont and Shaw area, with store manager Larry Sturino, and the second one at Galleria Food City, on Dufferin and Dupont, with store manager Frank Dicario, along with other people including Nick Nero and Armando Viola); this section was called for the first time "Multi-Cultural". 

In the years to come, the Oshawa Foods Group opened many more IGA and Food City stores in which the Mr. Goudas line was a prominent brand in the Multi-Cultural Section. 

Food City changed the name to Price Chopper in the late 1990,s and the Sobeys chain purchased the Oshawa Foods Group in 1998.

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