Sep 16, 2007

Cow Foot Story A pleasant response! for this booklet

As some of you may know, some of the Mr. Goudas booklets with recipes and stories about products, have been circulating for trial purposes.
In this particular instance, we were at a flea market, where some of these booklets were distributed.
One fellow picked one up and started reading.
We were able to capture many of his face expressions as he was reading The Cow Foot Story which is filled with humour. 

In one particular instance, as you can see in the pictures, this man could not hold his tears! And we mean tears of joy, of course.

After he finished reading the booklet, we asked him what he thought about it and he said that it was the best comedy he had ever read in his life.
This particular guy happened to be from Jamaica, so he could relate well with some authentic Jamaican words we have used throughout the book.

As you can see from the pictures, he obviously found the story hilarious! 

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