Jul 1, 2007

Pastor Maria A. Lawrence World Harvest Ministries

As you may very well imagine our company receives many requests from agencies, individuals, committees, charities, etc. requesting donations. 

Of course we cannot feed the whole world (although we wish that we could) but there are certain criteria that Mr. Goudas has a sense of. 

In this particular instance, he promised, to help with respect to food needs the World Harvest Ministries, under the leadership of the founder, Pastor Maria A. Lawrence. 

Pastor Lawrence, a unique individual who happened to be the daughter of a Cuban father and Jamaican mother, immigrated to Canada 35 years ago. 

She became a registered nurse and worked that field for 18 years.
Obviously, during this period of time she has seen many sick people. She had a dream to not only administer to the physical aspect of the person but to help spiritually. 

Her dream was fulfilled when she finally graduated from Tyndale College University with a Bachelor of Religious Education. She is currently working on her Masters in Divinity, which Mr. Goudas believes she will definitely achieve. 

She founded in parallel with her ministry a desire to reach out to the young people of all nationalities (Christian or not) that are in need of help or in trouble to assist in any way she can spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally. 

Consequently, she has also developed the Arise and Shine Youth Academic Enrichment Program which, beginning Monday, August 9, 2007, will provide academic tutoring and upgrading in Math and English. Other courses include: Introduction to Computers (Information Technology), English as a Second Language (ESL), Bible Basics 101 (Introduction to the Bible-Living Life with Purpose and Destiny) and Music. 

At this point without financial support from anyone, she is ministering out of her home.
And since Mr. Goudas saw deep in her eyes a mirror image of the late Beverly Mascoll (refer to www.goudasfoods.com Events Section, May 16, 2001, with the title - A very beautiful lady named Beverly Mascoll), he believes that with a little support from us and may be a little support from anyone of you out there, this lady Pastor will become a very important guide to our young ones. 

World Harvest Ministries may be contacted at: 647-709-0825 or info@whmcanada.ca  for any one of you who is willing to assist her in her mission. 

Thank you. 

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