Dec 31, 2006


The year 2006 was a very complex and emotional year. 

We here at the Goudas Foods Company experienced a series of conflicting events.
We had good news and bad news. 

Let us start with the bad news first: 

On February 9th we lost Irma, the company's faithful dog, and a personal companion of Mr. Goudas for many years. 

On April 12th, Rafael Onofre an employee for many, many years passed away. 

On May 29th, Charles Keith, one of our key Sales Personnel suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. And, On June 3rd, Colleen Bradley, employed with the company for many years, was brutally murdered by a family member. 

The above losses still leave us sad and breathless even to this day. They were all long- term employees and very well liked by all of us. May each of their souls rest in peace. Amen. 

Another unfortunate incident: Just before the conflict in Lebanon, one of our counterpart companies, A. O. Ghandour and Sons, with a history of more than one and a half centuries of producing the finest Middle Eastern products, including Tahina, Halva and Loukoum Delights, all of which are distributed by Goudas Foods, was almost burnt to the ground. Thankfully, no one was killed. After months of hard work on their part, we anticipate resuming production early in the New Year so that Canada can once again have the best of the best Middle Eastern products in the world. 

In the month of August, a simple sneeze almost paralyzed Mr. Goudas.
Apparently, the sneeze caused one of his nerves to become lodged between two discs in his spine.
As funny and as simple as it seems, he was unable to walk or drive for a considerable length of time. Slowly, slowly, he improved and was able to move around with the help of many weeks of physiotherapy and the assistance of a cane.
Finally, after a long period of intense pain, discomfort, and sleepless nights, in addition to all his business headaches, he was feeling better and in good spirits. And, one morning on the company's bulletin board his secretary posted the following humorous newsletter: 

We have happy news: After a long period of suffering through the injury which literally handicapped Mr. Goudas, he is in better shape now, and the doctor advised him the best way to recover completely is to start exercising. He has concluded the best exercise for him is to begin using his leg again, would be to start kicking some salesmens asses. Since this is one of his favourite past times, he is very eager to commence this activity as soon as possible. This does not apply to the saleswomen at the present time since they are new to the company. (I just hope that this would make you laugh a little!) 

Enough of the misfortunes. Let us now look at the bright side of 2006: 

Goudas Foods purchased and acquired its own oil packaging plant facilities. We have plunged ourselves head first into oil packaging production, in addition to the new sugar packaging production facility. 

The company has developed and launched quite a few new products and anticipates much success in the new year. Some of these products are Mr. Goudas Mango Puree, Mr. Goudas Heart of Palm, Jewel of the Indies Parboiled Basmati Rice (which is now one of the companys favourites), Institutional Tomato Ketchup, The Masa Mix Instant Corn Flour (an Hispanic favourite ideal for tortillas, empanadas and tamales), the famous Mr. Goudas Potato Puree and Mr. Goudas Potato with Garlic Puree. 

We were also given the distribution of (a) Cott Beverages, including the Chubby line; (b) The famous Tampico Beverages in Citrus and Fruit Punch from the United States; (c) the distribution of Oils, including Olive Oil from the Soya Hellas Company; (d) The Manolito brand off Latin American products and many more. 

The company also launched the Spinach with spices, in the can.
This was a much-needed item due to the contamination of spinach in the United States from e-coli and several recalls of fresh spinach from the market. 

After several years of hard work, Mr. Goudas Biography, (The Immigrant) has finally been completed and will soon be published. There have already been several good reviews from people who have read the draft copy. 

The book, (Experiencing Colombia as seen through the eyes of Spyros Peter Goudas) received very high reviews and our companys exposure to South American companies has been very favourable. 

The packaging and distribution of 100% pure cane sugar has created a big impact throughout this multicultural society because of two features: the proper granulation (not the powdered sugar which exists in Canada at this point), and the purity of the sugar, i.e. 100% pure cane. 

The acceptance of the entire Goudas Foods line of products from the famous Zellers Store to devote a large section, along with Giant Tiger Stores (an Ottawa- based company), and the North West Company (in Winnipeg Manitoba)allow our line of products to have a wider distribution base. 

Throughout this year, Panos Goudas has exhibited dedication and focus on his increased responsibilities. We wish him every success in the coming year. Yeah, Panos! 

We welcome two new people: Mari (foreign affairs) and Tyrone (domestic affairs) to the executive office. We also are happy to know that Maria (almost 70 years young) will continue to assist Mr. Goudas, as always. 

Some of the happiest news so far for the year, included the resignation of a couple decitful emplyees which has added further peace and joy to the company.
We are very happy to see such ungrateful people leave (according to what I heard). 

On behalf of the whole staff, we wish the company itself and the big boss who personally looks after all of us, along with all the suppliers who create the wonderful products; the storekeepers who have created whole sections in their stores for our products; and the end users or consumers who believe in our efforts to create the most wonderful products the world has to offer by purchasing our brand and inviting us to their dining tables; with Gods guidance, we hope that the year 2007 will be a healthy Year. 

It is 9:00 p.m. December 31, 2006 and I have had the pleasure of being assigned to write this article for the Events Section. 

In conclusion, I am happy to be a part of this great organization, and as I wrap up my year-end, I wish everyone A HEALTHY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Best Regards, 



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