Oct 22, 2006



Shoppers Drug Mart has added a bit of variety of food products for your shopping convenience. 

While picking up your toothpaste, prescription, lipstick and shampoo, you may also purchase some grocery items under the Mr. Goudas label. 

In the photo, you can see Goudas personnel setting up as new section in one of the stores. 

Soon, there will be more Shoppers Drug Mart stores will be carrying a line of Mr. Goudas convenience items.

The idea is very simple.  In the past, traditional grocery stores sold grocery items only.  However, lately they have begun selling clothing, shoes, autoparts, hardware store items, telephone, furniture, pharmaceutical items, etc., etc.

So the logic is very simple.  Who thought that the traditional pharmacies would sit by and do nothing about this situation?

The Mr. Goudas line of products is so large, so huge, so versatile, that it could make a pharmacy look like a grocery store!

As we incorporate this small article, we remember a book written by Mr. Goudas titled, The Cow Foot Story.  In one area of the book he wrote that he went to the pharmacy to purchase the new discovery in hair removal at the time, called Neet.

Read The Cow Foot Story and have a good laugh!




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