Aug 17, 2006

Mr Goudas & Group originally from Ghana


Some say, he is from China, others India, Pakistan, or Jamaica. Very soon, everyone will realize that he is from Greece. 
Mr. Goudas is never camera shy and loves photo opportunities like this to show the world his diversity. 
This group originally from Ghana, came into our office.

They were officially greeted by Mr. Goudas, who took time away from his busy schedule to chat and welcome them.
It is important to let you know that situations like this occur very often.  People of different nationalities come into our Head Office location for one reason or another or simply to say hello to Mr. Goudas. 

Mr. Goudas stores incidents and information somewhere in his head and when the occasion presents itself, he documents everything that he has compiled in his mind and finally formulates the information into a book format. 
In this instance, he wrote the book, African Food Safari, with the exceptional material he gathered first hand over the years. 

This books takes you to the continent of Africa with details of how to cook one of the staples of this continent called Fou Fou. 
One thing he emphasized is that although each nation may cook it a little differently, in the end he said that he sent up white smoke over the chimney (imitating The Vatican) indicating that a unanimous decision had been made!




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