May 5, 2006

The Growth within the Basics Organization

This shelf realign is an example of an ethnic aisle in one of the many Food Basics Store locations. 

It captures the essence of the ethnic market with a huge assortment of Mr. Goudas products, along with other wonderful companies with many years experience with the needs of the multi-cultural society of Canada, such as: Grace Foods, Young and Young, and Gilda Foods, to mention a few. 

Without a doubt, the dedication of a complete aisle to the Mr. Goudas label is evidence of consumer preference. 

The growth within the Basics organization in the Ontario food market is not one single person,s job.
It is a collaboration of the efforts of many capable people, for example:
Domenic Calce, Frank Dunn, Mike Bedard, Frank JaJa, Gary Spencer, Gus Bitsas, Hans Pauly, John Rao, Mike Hone, Angelo Valentini, Sal Gali, Verne Ruse, Tony Morello, Gus Prokos and many more. 

In a television interview, Tory Morello, Executive Spokesperson for Basics mentioned that his company was focusing on the needs of the ethnic community and each person entering the store is important.


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