Feb 16, 2006

Fondest wishes of Boris Auguste for Irma Goudas

Boris Auguste Hamilton / Ont / Canada 

Dear Mr Goudas, thanks for the e-mail/Newsletter received to-day.
I am certain you will not receive many responses like this one from anyone else. 

I too, had a dog as a pet when I was a toddler, but it was always a dog NOT a member of my family. If a dog is a member of your family then that makes your mother a bitch!.
Dogs are animals which should be allowed to roam feely. They are not people. They are not a child substitute. They are not bed partners.

So often dog lovers get carried away with (mis-placed) love for dogs that they forget that there is a world out there. A world of under-privileged people; hungry people; desperate and destitute people out there. There are people in this world, as I write this, who are suffering because of a multitude of reasons beyond their control,. like Katrina victims, or the Darfour refugees, or the poor in Malawi, Calcutta, N. Korea etc.etc. But you think dog-lovers care about the suffering of humans? I think not.

From my experience and observations, dog-lovers are the most selfish and self-centered beings on the planet. Because they love dogs, then everyone else MUST love dogs too; we have no choice. 

I find dog-lovers extremely inconsiderate. They allow their animals to defecate on the property of others with impunity. Even though there are bye-laws prohibiting it, they never pick up their dog's dirt. My beef is with the so-called dog-lovers: not dogs. 

I think most, if not all, dog-lovers should have their heads examined by a good psychiatrist.
They go to such extremes with their animals: like pedicures, expensive dersses for dogs, and all manner of trying to turn a dog into a child. The ones who have money to waste, certainly do waste it on their dogs. All the while of course, the poor in the world suffer.
Also from my own observations, I have noted that in every home with a dog, there is always sickness. The most common illness in dog-homes is cancer.

So Mr. Goudas, I am not impressed with the e-mail you sent about the death of your animal.
If you want to impress me then tell me about your contributions to St. Gaspar's Society of the Precious Blood. This organisation does a lot of missionary work in Africa. They drill for clean water, build schools and hospitals/clinics etc.

With my meagre resources, I contribute to their efforts to alleviate the suffering of children and others in the struggle for existence we call life. Contribute to them or any other charity of your choice and I will consider you a hero and am sure God will bless you. 

Please accept my fondest wishes, Boris 


Responding to Boris Auguste 

Dear Boris: 

The arrival of your letter immediately caused additional sorrow in Mr. Goudas heart for his beloved Irma, companion of almost fifteen years. 

Your letter is definitely excessively harsh and cruel at this particular time. 

Yes, Mr. Goudas is an avid dog lover. And so is every member of this organization.

But before I go on, let me introduce myself to you. I am one of the secretaries in the office and guess what,I have the privilege of responding to you. 

I grew up with dogs and yes, they were allowed to roam freely because the weather permitted that in my country of origin. 

I would not let my pet out to roam freely in 23 degree weather in Canada without a coat.
Our beloved Irma did not need even that.

She had a beautiful coat of fur of her own to the end, thanks to Mother Nature. 

There is no indication anywhere that Irma (May she rest in peace!) or any other animal was/is a child substitute, bed partner (God forbid!) and none, and I repeat none, of our mothers are bitches!! But, the consensus of the people that we know is that now we know at least one! It is up to you to guess who that is. 

You mentioned that (dog lovers should have their head examined by a good psychiatrist) and for some reason I cannot see the logic in this statement. 

It is a proven fact that animals relieve stress levels in their care-givers. 

Mr. Goudas e-mail was not meant to impress anyone, it was simply an announcement of Irmas passing to those who know her. Apparently, and unfortunately, you do not. 

If you had followed up on the website and examined the Letters of Appreciation you would probably have realized that the man has done, and is doing, more than anyone could and would for society in general. 

I guess your sentence was inserted in such a way to let us know that you contribute to a charitable organization. We give you credit for that. 

As a matter of fact, the truth is that your letter is the only one we received with cruel comments. Any one who knows Mr. Goudas and his organization knows that we all love animals.

Our beloved dog is dead. And right now, I refuse to give you further thought or consideration. 

We know what you think and what you feel, thank you. And maybe you should look deep inside your self to determine the underlying reason you wrote such harsh and cruel letter. 

We would gladly accept your fondest wishes but we could not find them. 




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