Jan 12, 2006

The Wonderful Team of Tai-Tai Vermicelli !

Since 1998, when the product was first introduced by Goudas Foods in Canada, Tai Tai Vermicelli has been a favourite item among our consumers.
Made from the finest rice flour of Thailand, this product makes us proud to say that we are the best seller company in this category.

Of course, a good product always comes from a great team!
We are even prouder to introduce to you the Tai-Tai group, from left to right in the picture: Ketsinee, Chalotorn, Thippimol, Chopaka, Danaya.

These capable ladies make sure the selection of ingredients, the creation, and packaging of Tai Tai Vermicelli is always perfect, contributing in this way to the finest quality of Tai Tai in the world.

A virtual applause to all! Good Job!

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