Dec 1, 2005

Mr. Goudas Curry Chick Peas: The Flavour Revolution!

It is past 6:00 p.m. and Lou (seen in the picture), one of the lab employees, is working late again, consistently testing and trying a new product about to be introduced in the market: Curry Chick Peas.

This amazing idea is about to be realized within 2006, and the Mr. Goudas Curry Chick Peas are estimated to become a new favourite among consumers in the Canadian market.

There is no doubt the product will be a success; we all have tried it inside Goudas Foods and we think the addition of curry really boosts the already magnificent taste of Mr. Goudas Chick Peas, while at the same time adding a pleasant flavour.

Keep an eye open for the flavour revolution!

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