Nov 14, 2005

"The Great Montini". The Toughest Man on Earth

In memory of Lenio (Lenny) Montini 


(The following article appears in the soon-to-be published Mr. Goudas Biography The Immigrant. Holding the opinion that this article mirrors Mr. Montini as a personality, we would like to share it with all of you, in remembering this great man). 

"Since we all (the writers) contributed to this Biography, we asked Mr. Goudas who is his favourite wrestler and who, according to him, is the toughest of them all. He surprisingly responded, "The Great Montini".
We then requested that he explain what he meant since we had never heard of a wrestler by that name.
Mr. Goudas then explained that he has known Mr. Montini for the last thirty-five years. He is the owner of synonymous products under the brand (Montini), which so many people know. His major item is oil, but he also has many other Italian products. 

Mr. Goudas further mentioned to us that unfortunately, in the last decade, Mr. Montini has encountered several illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, loss of 95% of his vision, and he has had several heart attacks and strokes.
Despite these problems, Mr. Montini continues to arrive at his office by 8:00 a.m. and he is usually the last to leave. 

When Mr. Goudas occasionally asked him about his health, Mr. Montini answered like this: "I am not going to die from kidney disease, because I have no kidneys anyway. I will not die from a brain tumour because I have no brain left as a result of all the strokes. I am not going to die from heart failure, because I have had so many heart attacks, I have no heart. But many people have advised me to shoot you old bastard, but I am going to postpone this until I can see better so I do not miss." 

Despite the fact that all of the above is said jokingly, Mr. Goudas believes that Mr.Lenny Montini is the toughest man on earth. The food business is like one of the biggest wrestling rings you have ever seen. Not only does he have to battle competition for shelf space, but he also battles his health, which may be considered the toughest opponent of all. 

Should you see his products in the store, Mr. Goudas endorses that the Montini brand is the top of the line in Italian foods." 

In this picture you can see Mr. Lenio Montini at Mr. Goudas' 30th anniversary celebration (in Canada, 1997). It is also the last picture of him taken in public. He was a very good friend of Mr. Goudas, despite the fact that were competitors. 


Born in August 26th, 1938, in Frosinone, Italy, he immigrated to Canada in 1959 and one year later he founded the Montini company and began introducing products under the Montini label (mainly imported Italian products and oil). The Montini products grew to be largely appreciated and preferred not only from the Italian community, but also from the Canadian and other nationality consumers; the brand is recognized in the market for providing high-quality items. 

Mr. Montini was married to Gina and had three children, Laura, Antonio, and Anna Maria. He also had four grandchildren, Alex (Alessandro), Alessia, Victor, and Valerie. 

Deceased November 13th, 2005. 

May he rest in peace. 

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