Sep 27, 2005

Great remarks for the Great Northern Soup!

Today, during his visit to Toronto and Goudas Foods, the president of Roy Legumex, Ivan Sabourin (actual grand-son of the company's founder), had the opportunity to taste the newly improved Great Northern Soup. 

Although the soup is canned in Bulgaria, the beans are grown in Canada, and they are a product of undisputed quality, provided by Roy Legumex.
The most important thing for the consumer to know is that Mr. Goudas line of Soups contain NO MSG.

In addition, there is no harm in knowing that the Great Northern Soup is a preferred product among consumers in Canada, who appreciate the high quality of its ingredients, but above all enjoy its incredible taste. 

In the picture, Mr. Sabourin and Mr. Goudas are having a delicious lunch after opening a couple cans of Great Northern Soup.
Mr. Sabourin gave the product great remarks and accompanied his lunch with a wide smile of satisfaction.
Such reaction rewards our efforts of providing the best products under the Mr. Goudas brand.

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