Jul 2, 2005

Cherry-Picking Season!

It is the season to start picking the cherries, which calls for quick action before the birds attack the seeds.

This year, Mr. Goudas is even more eager to pick the best cherries (those with no bruises or discoloration, and no evidence of bird attacks), not only because they are key ingredients of many products, as for example the Exotic Fruit Salad, the Cherry Syrup, etc., but most importantly because he wants to use the best quality cherries in testing recipes for new products about to be introduced soon to the market. 

This summer, Goudas Foods had the honour to be supplied of beautiful fresh cherries picked carefully by energetic youngsters, whose gentle hands and dedication to hard work are greatly appreciated. Two of them, Stephen and Nicholas, are seen in the picture, as they pick cherries with the greatest devotion. 

At the first steps of sampling, the cherries picked this summer taste sweeter than ever. This has made us consider seriously to initialize a "Cherry-Picking Event" every season, hoping above all that the young pickers will have great fun!


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