Feb 26, 2005

Dinner with Mr. Jorge Visbal Martelo the Colombian Ambassador in Canada

Following last September's visit to attend the meeting of Colombian entrepreneurs, Mr. Goudas had dinner last night with the Colombian Ambassador in Canada, Mr. Jorge Visbal Martelo.
They discussed the various opportunities offered for the importation of Colombian foods in Canada.
On the left Mr.Rodolfo Moseres, Consultant & Trade Commissioner.
The lady standing on the right, Mrs. Julia Gutierres, is the Director of Employment at SENA Institute (National Learning Institute). 

The dinner was wonderful, and everyone enjoyed the Greek Cuisine.
Mr. Martelo had the opportunity to try the Greek Coffee after dinner.
He was amazed to learn that the greek coffee is actually made from Colombian coffee beans. He enjoyed the flavour, but mentioned that this coffee is too strong for his taste. 

Mr. Goudas is now looking forward to July, when he will be visiting Colombia, formally invited by the government, in order to get acquinted with more Colombian business people and tour several factories.

As mentioned in the article "Colombia: A World of Opportunity", located in the Archives section, Mr. Goudas strongly believes that this country is tremendeously promising and appropriate for business trade with Canada.
This article was enjoyed widely by all the attendants who had a chance to read it during dinner.


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