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Nov 18, 2004

Leaning tower of Pisa

Also known as Piza Can-struction 

This magnificent replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa has been constructed and is being displayed in the lobby of the Toronto Dominion Building in the heart of downtown Toronto along with some other equally majestic structures. 

These structures consist entirely of canned goods, upon careful examination you will realize the Mr. Goudas canned Sweet Peas is a prominent item in this magnificent structure. It takes lots of creativity, understanding, planning, patience, imagination and the casting of the best quality material to assemble. These structures would be on display until December 3, 2004. After which these canned products will be donated, as charity, to the needy people. So therefore everyone is a winner: 
Mr. Goudas for the publicity, 
The architects for their achievement, 
The general public for the amusement and pleasure, and, most importantly, the underprivileged will receive, 
The best of the best, for their dinner. 

If you link into their website which is provided below, you will realize that last years structure The Rising Hand won first prize for their creativity and imagination, 

The creativity for this structure is to be credited to the following: 
Core Architects Inc. 
317 Adelaide Street West, Suite 600 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5V 1P9 
Telephone No.: 416-343-0400 x 214 
If you enter the website listed below, click to play, then you will be able to view some of the members of the group, then click to construction 2003 to see a full display which we believe you will really enjoy. 
Website link: Click here
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