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Nov 7, 2004

"Don't worry Mr. Goudas, it will go away soon!

Take a look at the picture on the side. Can you see how red that eye area is? Imagine what an unbearing feeling it must be to have your eye in that condition! Now, imagine how much harder it gets when you have to read thousands of letters, review hundreds of documents, and stare at a computer screen for hours. 
The past week, Mr. Goudas has being going through all this trouble you just imagined. His eye became red all of a sudden, and it started bothering him more and more by the minute and the situation wasn't improving at all. 

But work has to go on, and the business needs to function completely every day, even when the head of the business is not feeling well. The only thing he could do was to visit a pharmacy store, and he chose Pharma Plus. The pharmacist looked at the eye and gave the advise to rest his eyes for a while and avoid any medication. 

It seemed very strange to Mr. Goudas hearing the pharmacist say that... 
- "So I don't need to buy any drugs or treatment kits from the store?", he asked the pharmacist, naturally amazed by this man wasting the opportunity to sell a product by passing it on as necessary treatment to the customer. 
- "No Mr. Goudas, you just need to let time take care of it. Your eye has been strained very much lately, and so it responded that way; no treatment would be worth at this point better than rest." 

Mr. Goudas was even more amazed with this man's words. He admired his integrity, but he was also caught by surprise to be recognized this easily. He was certain that he hadn't visited the particular store before, and he definitely hadn't mentioned his name earlier. Before he had more time to wonder, the pharmacist added: 
- "Don't worry Mr. Goudas, it will go away soon! 
Mr. Goudas thanked the kind pharmacist, which had a heart of gold. As he was greeting him goodbye, and thanked him again for his advice, the pharmacist said: 
- "I wish you have a nice day too Mr. Goudas. And please, give your lovely dog a nice petting from me too; I love Koukla!" 

Mr. Goudas laughed and immediately realized how the pharmacist had recognized him. He had obviously read the Koukla article on the Goudas Foods website, and he had seen the pictures of Mr. Goudas holding Koukla. He left the pharmacy with a smile in his face, thinking how this visit was full of surprises!
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