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Oct 26, 2005

Costa Rican Food Ambassador

When Mr. Goudas was in Costa Rica to give a speech for the Caccia Organization, which involved countries from Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador, every time he was going to a different restaurant for a snack, the restaurants always served two items in a little plate. One of them was a black bean paste, and the other was a green mix of some kind. His curiosity of this green paste grew with every meal, and he soon wanted to find out exactly what it was. 

Not only did Mr. Goudas find out what that green paste was, but he even managed to find out what was the proper English name for it. He talked to some of the finest chefs in Costa Rica and was able to make a recipe on how to prepare it. However, the taste of this green paste was different from restaurant to restaurant. After consulting some chefs in Costa Rica, finally he realized that this green paste is nothing but parsley with minced garlic, mixed with vinegar. 

Mr. Goudas thought it would be a good idea to take this tasty appetizer and make it a magnificent product by adding vegetable oil and cane vinegar instead of processed vinegar. Mr. Goudas also thought that the product should be in uniform pieces for each ingredient. 

This magnificent product has finally arrived in the country as of today, and Canada can now taste the wonders of Costa Rican chefs. It is naturally expected that many will try to immitate this paste, as it is obviously going to become very popular in the food market. Goudas Foods does expect a group of imitators to come out trying with their versions labeled Manager's Choice, Supervisor's Pick, my Mom's Old Recipe, and who knows what else! 

This product is not only to be enjoyed by 4 million Costa Ricans, but it is meant to be enjoyed by the whole world! Mr. Goudas has been chosen as the Costa Rican Food Ambassador to the rest of the world. For anyone who loves parsley, and is immune to garlic, then we recommend that you try Mr. Goudas CHIMICHURI, the best the world has to offer. Although the name sounds Japanese, the taste has originated from Central America. You will love it too!
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