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Sep 10, 2004

Costa Rican Newspaper featuring Mr. Goudas!


The Alimentaria Newspaper, the most popular business newspaper in Costa Rica, dedicated a two-page article especially to Mr. Goudas when covering the CACIA conference of food businesses held in Costa Rica this Summer 2004.

The title is a quote from Mr. Goudas speech in the conference, underlining the tremendous opportunities Costa Rica presents for the food business: 
"Peter Goudas: Los Alimentos son un excellent Negocio Pero require mucho esfuerzo", which translates as "Peter Goudas: The food business is an excellent one, but it requires a lot of effort". 

As a representative of the Canadian Food Industry, Mr. Goudas demonstrated how hard work and dedication, always targeting high quality, is the key to success.

And he can prove that by presenting Goudas Foods, a company which incorporates the volume of production with a continuous focus on quality. 

Here at Goudas Foods, the food business does become an excellent one!

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