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Aug 11, 2004



As the parents worked, the children of the okra pickers played around the camp, trying to keep as quiet as possible.

They were very captivating they had beautiful little faces, the warmest smiles, and the shiniest sparkle in their eyes.

They were really excited to see me taking pictures of the fields and the camp, and some of them posed for me in front of the camera.

 As we were getting back in the car, they came to greet us and thanked me for the pictures.

I will never forget these people, their warmness, their sincere smiles, and their simplicity..." 
Okra in cans are availble in a few varieties: Okra in Water - Item 91, and Okra in Tomato Sauce, a ready-meal format, Item 1080.

Since this item is very difficult to process, sometimes we do not have enough inventory to last a full year. 
Those of you who have had the privilege to try the Okra in Tomato Sauce, will agree the Mr. Goudas placed a lot of effort in creating some of the finest ready meals in the world.

The recipes are designed to satisfy even the most difficult to please.

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