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Jul 24, 2004



It is mid-day, Saturday, and most of the people are enjoying their weekend boating, fishing, washing their Porsche, bicycling, or on vacation.

But here I am trying to figure out like I am Einstein, where the telephone wires go and how to join them correctly... 

The accident happened late last night when the company located next to Goudas Foods hired an excavator company to make a drainage ditch, and accidentally cut the telephone wire system to the whole building.

Obviously, Goudas Foods cannot be without its telephone system, which includes High-Speed Sympatico Internet, Electronic Data Interchange service, and various other connections to Food Programs around the world, like The Food Network.

We are happy to say that Bell Canada reacted as quickly as possible to rectify the situation.

Here I am puzzled since the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out how to solve this problem. 

My name is Howie (most people call me 436) and I have been working with Bell Canada for 23 years. 

So here I am now, tired, but also hungry, and next to the World's Food Capital (Goudas Foods).

Mr. Goudas' personal assistant from the office was kind enough to provide (through Mr. Goudas himself) temporary relief to the hunger pains.

She brought out Mr. Goudas Rice Pudding and a cold bottle of Mr. Goudas Spring Water, which I enjoyed very much.

This was good enough to fill up my stomach, clear my mind, so that I may return to work and solve this problem.

Mr. Goudas personally told me that if the problem is not solved by Monday morning, he would personally hang me up from the highest tree. 

I intend to take my time though because I have been promised to be supplied with a Mr. Goudas Corned Beef sandwich, Mr. Goudas Exotic Fruit Cocktail and of course more cold Mr. Goudas Spring Water and/or Mr. Goudas Snappy Pop

However, I will make sure that I am finished by Monday morning so I can save myself from hanging. 

I have worked at many corporate sites fixing and rectifying problems, and have yet to see kindness compared to that of Mr. Goudas.

If you click on the picture, you can really see the man, who like me,

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