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May 20, 2004

How to distinguish the best Basmati Rice

Goudas Foods produces the best Basmati rice, and for that there is no doubt, according to the huge amount of consumers that buy it regularly and constantly, and send letters of congratulations to Mr. Goudas.

This kind of rice comes in three different kinds of grains: those that have a good aroma, those that have a good taste, and those that have the length.
Mr. Goudas blends the rice accordingly, to satisfy tastes of different nationalities, who prefer different grains. The consumers of Basmati Rice include mostly Indians, Pakistani, Iranians, Afghani, Somalians, Middle Eastern people, Ethiopians, etc. 

However, most people do not know how to distinguish the best Basmati rice. Sometimes, weebles or worms can grow naturally in the rice, and this is a sign that the rice is in its best quality for cooking.

These little 'visitors' can be washed away easily with water; placing the rice in a large bowl of water, the weebles will float while the rice will stay in the bottom.
So, do not alarm and panick if you find them in your rice; you have evidently just opened a perfect quality bag of Basmati rice! 

Many articles have been written about Basmati rice and this issue. The largest weekly Indian Newspaper in Canada, which is in fact published tristate (California, Ontario and British Columbia, Europe, and United Kingdom), the Ajit Newspaper, recently posted an article written by Dr. Darshan Singh related to this matter. The article notes: 

"Basmati rice has been used in India for centuries. Basmati is a Hindi word and it means "a distinct flavour that would be intoxicating". Basmati rice is grown along the plains of river-beds originating from the Himalayan Mountains. 
In the older days, people in India used a storage-hut from the paddy/wheat straw to store rice. After some time, certain weebles/worms grow naturally in the rice. This phenomenon used as a symbol of high-quality rice.

The rice is washed with water, when the weebles/worms would float and are discarted, and then the rice gets cooked. The smell of the cooked Basmati rice is very intoxicating. The older the Basmati rice is, the more intoxicating it is, as it is like old wine." 

Mr. Goudas imports fine quality rice from different brands, such as Pride of Himalayas, Jewel of the Indies, Task Brand, Number 5, etc. You can find these brands in super markets or in independent stores.
Every time Mr. Goudas gives a bag of rice as a present, the people who try it become lifetime consumers.

The popularity of  Basmati rice is growing daily!


One of my companies, that had a distribution of Mr.Goudas Brand  has been sold in early, 2014. 
The new owners did not focus on the quality of the products packaged to the disappointment of millions of loyal customers who have come to rely on my pioneering vision. I accordingly, no longer vouch for the quality of products under “Mr Goudas”. 
The endorsement of the Brand within this website are now soley for historical purposes only

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