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Feb 23, 2004

Folk art of the month!


Given a choice between the local Mr. Goudas and some upstart brand of ethnic food, I go Spyros Peter Goudas. 

Yes, there is a Mr. Goudas, and he has a fan club.

It's just tacky enough, he has got useful delicacies (favachick and rambutan are recurring favorites), and he prefers to own part of the factories where the food is made. 

Let's take these in reverse order: 

Owning part of the factory: 
Quality control. It is ethnocentric and racist to assume that if a foodstuff is canned in Thailand it won't be as clean as something canned in Texas (or Huntsville), but this way Mr. Goudas knows for sure. 

Useful delicacies: 
Drain rambutan for dessert. Sautee favachick with shallots and garlic, which goes well with a grain. Like, say, basmati rice. 

Just tacky enough: 
The ten-pound bag of Pakistani basmati rice (Mr. Goudas sells multiple kinds of everything) is a work of folk art.

Yes, it really does say PRODUIT DE LE PAKISTAN, and that really is a combination of Commercial Script and Balloon Extra Bold.

Plus of course Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu.

The design features two eye-gouging colors (this is one bag of rice I'm showing you) surrounding pastoral quasi-Hindu scenes that somehow recall grade-school lessons about Egyptian paintings of the harvest.

(Where are the oxen separating the chaff?) 
I much prefer this kind of disastrous graphical and ethnic train wreck to that (melting pot) nonsense.



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