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Jan 29, 2004

CBC News World Culture Shock

(This program was aired on national television). 

Gregory Charles: You're watching Culture Shock; the only bilingual television magazine dedicated to cultural diversity. 

Lana Starchuk: I met the king of ethnic foods, the legendary Mr. Goudas, who serves up cultural diversity in a can! 
Lana: Remember when chili powder was the most exoctic spice you could find at your local grocery store.

Well that was then and this is now. No other city in the world caters to ethnic diversity like Toronto. You can find almost every religion, music, language and food. 
Goudas Foods is a multimillion-dollar business.

Not only does Mr. Goudas have 600 products under his own brand name; he distributes another 600 exotic foods under various other labels in Canada and around the world.

To serve many communities at the same time, he can have up to fourteen (14) languages on one can.
So just who is this Mr. Goudas, this emperor of ethnic food, this man for all seasonings. 
Lana: Peter Goudas left his home in Greece over thirty (30) years ago. He arrived in Toronto with little cash and a lot of hope. 
Peter: You can never have one product be good and satisfy everybody today. So if you can satisfy, let's say, 75 to 80% percent of the people then you know you have something good. 
Tony Morello: Senior V.P. of Banner Merchandising for A & P, Dominion, and Food Basics, keeps tabs on their customer base through demographic research We really rely on census data quite a bit.

So we look at the census data and get a good understanding of what consumers are in the area and then we try and stay with the times so as when the area changes, we try and change with it.

It is a different tactic, if you will, for the location of the store.

Some areas are primarily Oriental, some areas are primarily Arab. You have to change.

The Muslim culture obviously has different needs and wants when it comes to the shopping experience than an Asian culture.

So you really have to customize the"'micro market" for those specific areas. 
Lana saying goodbye in various languages: Adios, Au Revoir, Ciao! 
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