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Jan 2, 2004

When growing Marijuana

Orchidman  Reged: 04/01/02 
Posts: 205 Re: Food Coloring? #744609 - 07/13/02 11:57 PM 

When growing Marijuana there is a tecnique of watering with flavoured water a few hours before harvest to enhance the flavour and it really does work.
One of the best things is Coca Cola and although it doesn't taste like Coke, it does have a very nice fruity flavour.
Simply dunk your cake in flat 7-Up (no caffein) and a bit of food colouring.
The sugar will energize your cakes and the I do not see why the flavour should not be absorbed and passed on to the mushrooms. Perhaps by continuously dunking in pop you might keep your cakes going for a long time.
I don't know if the sugars they use are the right kind, but it's worth a try for anyone into experimenting.
I can't do it right now as I don't have any jars to spare although the more I think about it--- I will try it in the future. Maybe Redpop will kill two birds, giving nice sweet juicy pink mushrooms.
Mr Goudas Cherry Syrup would be worth a try and it's already red and thick with sugar. 

Gee this Blueberry X Hawaiian Sativa is inspirational. 
I think I'll spark up the roach. Ahhhhh.......! 
I've been having psilly dreams lately
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