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Jan 2, 2004

When growing Marijuana


Orchidman  Reged: 04/01/02 
Posts: 205 Re: Food Coloring? #744609 - 07/13/02 11:57 PM 

When growing Marijuana there is a technique of watering with flavored water a few hours before harvest to enhance the flavor and it really does work.
One of the best things is Coca-Cola and although it doesn't taste like Coke, it does have a very nice fruity flavor.
Simply dunk your cake in flat 7-Up (no caffeine) and a bit of food coloring.
The sugar will energize your cakes and then I do not see why the flavor should not be absorbed and passed on to the mushrooms. Perhaps by continuously dunking in pop, you might keep your cakes going for a long time.
I don't know if the sugars they use are the right kind, but it's worth a try for anyone into experimenting.
I can't do it right now as I don't have any jars to spare although the more I think about it--- I will try it in the future. Maybe Redpop will kill two birds, giving nice sweet juicy pink mushrooms.
Mr. Goudas Cherry Syrup would be worth a try and it's already red and thick with sugar. 

Gee this Blueberry X Hawaiian Sativa is inspirational. 
I think I'll spark up the roach. Ahhhhh.......! 
I've been having silly dreams lately

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