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Dec 23, 2003

Mr. Goudas actively supports the community, but...


Over the years, Goudas foods have given various donations to different organizations in absolute and justified need.

However, during the same years, Goudas foods has also received requests from people who unjustifiably have asked for various kinds of donations and support.
For example, a group of people asked Mr. Goudas to pay for their tickets to tour the Toronto Islands.

In another case, a golf tournament group threatened to no longer buy Goudas Foods products, unless a donation had been made to the tournament. 

Such unjustified and unnecessary requests have brought a mixture of undesired feelings to our organization and are perceived as insulting for the nature of our generosity.

Mr. Goudas has a very good knowledge of which organizations really need his help, and he has been supporting them to the best of his ability.
In fact, one of the criteria for winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award was a large number of donations made to needy organizations.

It should never be forgotten that Mr. Goudas himself has once, early in his career, gone through very tough times of sleeping in park benches and starving for food.
He knows exactly how to recognize those who really need help, and he has never denied his support to them. 

To view some of the Letters of Appreciation sent to Mr. Goudas from organizations he has supported, please visit the corresponding "Letters of Appreciation" link

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