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Dec 18, 2006

Mr. Goudas Cabbage Soup (Old Bitch Recipe)

One morning at 4 am, Mr. Goudas arrives at his office, which is the norm after so many years, and starts his day with his 67 years young personal assistant (Maria), where she has already made his morning coffee.

His day normally starts with 1002 problems, however, his motto is "Let's forget the 1000 problems for the moment, and concentrate on the 2". The morning time slowly passes, and at about 10:00 am, the mail arrives, where one person receives a letter from Mr. Jim Gunn about Mr. Goudas Cabbage Soup and reads Mr. Gunn's letter in a very soft voice to all the office employees.

They were all thinking whether it is wise to relay the letter to Mr. Goudas in fear that he may suffer an acute heart attack after reading the contents of the letter. The letter reads as follows: 
jim, Gunn Windsor / on / Canada -- I buy quite a few of your products, and I'm part of the old breed of Canadians that worked so hard to make a place for "new Canadians ", such as yourself to prosper and to forget about all of the bloodshed and bullshit that your "old country " offered.

But as one Canadian to another-brother your cabbage soup tastes like shit.

I remember visiting my sister who rented from some old bitch from Europe on Harbord ave (just off Bathurst) and your soup reminds me of that stench...(I taste your cabbage soup and imagine I'm drinking that old battle-axe's bathwater or the laundry water left over from washing that old lady's massive bras) Now you could go into any deli on Spadina Avenue and have a tasty cabbage soup but your cabbage soup is the absolute pits. Try it -I'm sure you'll agree 
Mr. Goudas loves to read all letters relating to products because he greatly values customers opinions.

This particular letter broke some employees' hearts knowing full well the amount of effort and sleepless nights that went into perfecting this product, as he does with the hundreds of other products.

Finally, the employees decided to give Maria the honor to walk slowly into Mr. Goudas office, where she could not control her hands from shaking just by carrying such comments on the paper.

She left the paper on the desk for Mr. Goudas to read, where she saw Mr. Goudas read the letter for the first time.

He then picked up Koukla (the French poodle) on placed her on his lap. While petting Koukla, Mr. Goudas was reading the letter over and over again, to capture its true meaning.

Although all the office employees were at their desks supposedly working, they still were looking into the office of Mr. Goudas through the corner of their eyes.

They were more in tune with what reaction Mr. Goudas would have to the letter once he read it. After a long silence, finally, Mr. Goudas started talking to himself and fell into that mode, whereas the plaque on the outside of his office reads, "If you see me doing nothing, please do not disturb; this is when I am busiest". The office started hearing Mr. Goudas talking as if Mr. Gunn was in his office.

The employees captured the speech and helped with the response to Mr. Jim Gunn, which follows: 
Dear Mr. Jim Gunn 
We appreciate your letter, we also thank you so much that you purchase so many of our products and love most of them.

We would like to respond to your letter as follows.

Over the 35 years of Mr. Goudas' existence, we finally realized in our company that you couldn't produce a product loved by everyone.

There will always be someone that disagrees with a particular taste. We can assure you that before we put the product into the market, we spent every possible effort as far as the recipe, ingredients and other things involved in creating the product.

If we followed the Spadina Recipe, with a list of ingredient including pork fat, and bacon strips in order to satisfy your taste, it would not be vegetarian.

However, the list of ingredients in our cabbage soup states clearly the better of the product within the can.

We can assure you that our cabbage soup was based on the recipe used by the OLD BITCH, as you call her.

Although you may not be happy, and we appreciate that; I would like to point out to you, that we do have complimentary letters from wonderful customers like you, telling us how delicious it is. In fact, after Mr. Goudas read your letter, he is considering to re-label this wonderful soup and call it "The Old Bitch Recipe".

Please view in the same column letters from Dona Emery Nov 25, 2003Helen Reilly Feb 5, 2003, and John Mandel Dec 5, 2002. Once again we truly appreciate your comments. 

The comment and answer are posted in comments section viewed by the thousands and is the subject of discussion, where it makes people laugh at the candidness of both participants (Mr. Goudas and Mr. Gunn). Mr. Gunn's letter is framed in Mr. Goudas' office, as an objective reminder that, no matter how hard Mr. Goudas tries, he will never be able to please everyone when it comes to taste. Mr. Goudas believes that Mr. Gunn, who is a supporter of Goudas Foods, as he states at the beginning of his letter, delivered his feelings and opinion towards this product in the most pleasing manner.



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