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Aug 16, 2003



Mr. Goudas Callaloo 

This particular vegetable grows wild in certain areas in Greece, as well as in Jamaica.

The Greeks know this product by the name of "Horta vlita" and the Jamaicans call it "callaloo". It is an excellent vegetable, served with a little olive oil, and lemon dressing. It makes a wonderful, nutritious, side dish.

Just because it grows wild, it is not cheap; it is very costly collecting this "wild bush", washing it, and harvesting it at particular times of the year, as well as canning it and capturing its freshness. Even though you may not know about this product, try it, we are very sure you will enjoy it. And remember, vegetables are good for you. 

Callaloo is rich in nutrients including iron and other minerals, vitamin C, flavonoids and other phytochemicals, calcium, high amounts of sodium, and vitamin A.

Callaloo has over four times the calcium, over two times the iron, and over two times the vitamin A compared to some other vegetables. Moreover, it contains 0 Cholesterol. 

Although Mr. Goudas produced one exceptional batch of Callaloo from the Ivory Coast, the production was not on a large enough scale to cover the enormous expense. 

We show a photo of the Callaloo plant for you to view and hopefully identify. 

Should you recognize the cultivation on a large scale wherever you are, in whatever country you are, please let us know so that we may investigate the possibility of production. 

Callaloo, a leafy vegetable, is very healthy.

It contains Vitamins A and C, and, in fact, it contains the highest source of Calcium among vegetables.

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