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Mar 21, 2003

Jags, Biswas

Mississauga / ONTARIO / Canada March 21, 2003 
Dear Mr.Goudas, 
It was indeed a great pleasure to see your excellent which has given a new dimension in the consumer goods presentation.While, I appreciate your dedicated efforts in this venture, I feel that it would present a long standing impact on the whole range of finest quality products around the world. 
I wish every success of your wonderful creativity for the present and the years to come.From your web site, I do understand that you were awarded as the best executive in the country in 1993. I am sure that the present level of success determines your strong ability which perhaps was awarded a decade ago. 
Interstingly, I had been to your Head Office to deliver one important document. While I was awaiting at the reception lobby, I was reading the Certificates which has been awarded to you in recognition of your outstanding generousity to the different ethnic communities.I am confident that those awards are best proof of the four criteria that the people who judged you in 1993. 
Wish you all the bests. 
Thanking you, 
Jag Biswas.
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