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Mar 29, 2005

You get ,new teeth, at ages 7 and 57!

This is another funny story that we thought would be appropriate. 
We previously told you about Mr. Goudas 30th anniversary celebration of his coming to Canada.

This story, however, relates to his 60th birthday celebration. Mr. Goudas was informed that it would be a very private celebration between Marina, his sister, Niki, and maybe a couple other friends. He arrived at the restaurant in anticipation of a quiet dinner only to discover that there were one hundred people gathered on the second floor of the restaurant to celebrate this occasion with him . 

As anticipated, Mr. Goudas was surprised, and after the usual greetings, hello-s, kisses, etc, etc., he was asked to make a speech. And as usual, he wasn,t short of humour that night either. 

In his brief speech he highlighted events that happened to him in each decade of his life. However, we are not going into the details, but we will only attach the funniest part, a story which he entitled You get, new teeth, at ages 7 and 57. 

Mr. Goudas began his speech by stating that he does not have a regular dentist. However, three years prior to this occasion, he found it necessary to visit a dentist.

Upon examination, the dentist informed him that it was imperative that he should have not one, but seven, of his teeth removed.
The dentist arranged to have this procedure done the following week, on a Saturday morning. 

Needless to say, this situation caused Mr. Goudas some stress and discomfort. So he decided that after all the time he had spent doing for others, he was now going to do something for himself.

He promptly picked up the telephone and phoned his car dealership and spoke to the salesman he did business with, informing him that he needed to purchase a car today.
His dream car was a Cadillac Eldorado Sport, GS, red in colour, with On-Star navigator system, which would enable him, at the sound of his voice, to prompt the computer into automatically dialing telephone numbers and in giving location directions on command. The salesman asked him if he realized that it was Saturday evening and that it was almost closing time. Mr. Goudas responded that he did not give a damn what time it was and that he wanted to purchase this car pronto! (This was to compensate for all the teeth he was going to loose and to bring him out of the depression he was feeling.) 

Well, he purchased his dream car and proceeded to start programming the numbers he used most frequently into the system. However, the computer, named Veronica, had some difficulty accepting the digit 3. Whenever, Mr. Goudas stated the digit 3, Veronica responded with the digit 8.
He called the dealership and was advised that maybe the problem lay in his pronunciation. Consequently, he tried every variation of accents he could think of in pronouncing the digit 3; still Veronica continued to respond with the digit 8.
The system also rejected this digit when the dealership representative tried to program in the digit 3. So, for the entire week Mr. Goudas used his vehicle without the benefit of the on-Star navigator system. 

The following Saturday, as arranged, Mr. Goudas went to the dentist to have the seven teeth pulled.
After the extractions were completed, the dentist told him that since he had been through quite an ordeal, he should take a break and get some fresh air. So with his mouth filled with bloodied gauze, Mr. Goudas went outside as the dentist suggested.
He felt rather foolish once he got outside. He was wondering what he should do in his present state, as he kept thinking that onlookers perceived his as some weirdo, with his mouth full of gauze, and blood dripping down the sides of his mouth like Dracula.
He decided to go sit in his car and look busy; again, busy doing what? He then started to try to program his On-Star navigator system once again, just to have something to do and to take his mind off the pain. And would you believe it, with his sore, gauze-filled mouth, the computer finally accepted his pronunciation of the digit 3 upon which Mr. Goudas told it Damn it! Did I have to pull seven teeth before you recognized my pronunciation of the digit 3 He then said, f@#@u and Veronica responded You too! 

The entire crowd erupted into laughter. 

This then ends the tale of You get new teeth at ages 7 and 57.

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