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Feb 1, 2006

Wal-Mart Canada Inc. Goes Multicultural!


WAL-MART Canada Inc. has shown it's intent to become player in the Canadian multicultural retail food industry by launching a full line of the famous Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas labels products, which in itself commands an impressive following and motivates shoppers to go from store to store to get these products. 

Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas personnel has shown with WAL-MART supervisor working together on-site to set up product displays and shelves at the store. 

Click to see the set-up of the store at Kennedy & Sheppard Walmart store, in languages like Sri-Lankan, Hindu, Chinese, and Greek. 

With this latest launch, WAL-MART Canada Inc. is showcasing products from all corners of the world and showing that they are interested in catering to the diverse cultures that Canada is blessed with.

They now offer an extensive selection such as: karela bitter melon, vermicelli from Thailand, Guyanese style chowmein, soups from Malaysia, mushrooms from China, apricots and peaches from Greece, arborio rice from Italy, giant lima beans from Peru, pepper sauces from Costa Rica, green and jerk seasoning from the islands, ackees from Jamaica and Africa, basmati rice from India and Pakistan, coconut milk and coconut cream from Sri Lanka, extra virgin olive oil from Crete, tomato paste from Italy.

Montini expresso and Bravo coffees, refried beans Mexican style, oyster mushrooms from Siam, rice flour, okra, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, Chinese veggies, exotic fruit cocktails (with coconut), longan, rambutan, guava, papaya, mango, starfruit, jackfruit and lychees from the Far East, couscous from the Middle East, an enormous selection of soups and ready to eat foods
(which have absolutely no MSG in its list of ingredients and a number of which are excellent for a vegetarian diet) made from recipes that are centuries old from countries like Greece, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Croatia, Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Eritrea etc.

Featuring items such as green beans & potatoes, spinach & rice, curry & potatoes, leek & rice, lentil soup, chickpea soup, cabbage soup, vegetable soup, minestrone soup, Northern bean soup, dolmadakia, foulmadamas, lupines, rice pudding and custards with taste that is superior to anything in the market, and many more.

They also now carry a wide variety of rice and beans to satisfy all nationalities including Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas' Fabulous 9 bean symphony (the acoustics and effects of which we have been told, would amaze composers like Mozart and Beethoven), the famous Speedy rice which is the only quick cooking rice made from parboiled rice for better taste, Besan flour for making pakoras, bhajias, and other snacks, Atta flour for rotis and chapatis and a multitude of products designed to appeal to the widest range of multicultural and mainstream Canadian customers.

It is indeed a great feeling to know that consumers can now get all the world's favorite foods at the worlds most famous store. 

Please note that at the present time not all WAL-MART locations carry Spyros Peter Goudas products.

Check the store located near you for up-coming product availability.

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