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Jan 4, 2006

WWW.FLYERMALL.COM - The amazing flyers website!

Spyros Perer Goudas thought the recommended website was a great idea and he bought several spots, banners, and advertising rights as a financial support until becomes successful. 

We strongly encourage you to visit this great website for which we are certain that you've been waiting for a long time.

This website is designed in 1996 to support the consumer in comparing quality and prices, and making decisions related to their grocery and other purchases from supermarkets and other accounts.

The site gives the option of displaying a store flyer, new products being launched to the market, new store openings, and store addresses, which consumers can browse from their computers.

Another important part of the website is the classified ads. Consumers can also read through the weekly recipes, the restaurant guide, and contact the administration of the website for comments or requests.

It is so easy to use; all you have to do is click on the logo of the store you are interested in and go! No need to remember the spelling of each store, it is ready for you. combines all these features in one site; it is a great tool not only to those interested in posting their flyers or products but also to the millions of consumers who like to tour in front of the computer looking for the smartest way of shopping.

Look no more!

Click on the link to visit this unique website.

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