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Jan 4, 2002

Commisso's Super Markets

Under the direction of Mr. Frank Commisso, owner of Commissos Supermakets, Mr. Goudas stocks the shelves, with a product variety greater than 600 strong. The Commissos supermarket dominates the Niagara, St. Catherines, Hamilton, Welland, Stoney Creek, and Cambridge regions, not to mention the outskirts of Toronto. Having thrived for over 40 years, the Commisso's grocery chain has weathered most of Canada's economic ups and downs. 

A little history of Commissos Origins (Founder, Mike Commisso): 
At the age of 50 - a time when most men are thinking about their retirement - Mike Commisso opened a 20 by 80 feet family grocery store in the small town of Beamsville, Ontario. Mike opened the grocery's doors in 1962, having worked for the past 23 years in a local foundry. 

Mr. Frank Commisso, just prior to Goudas Food Products getting into the stores, told Mr. Goudas himself during dinner: "I love the quality of your chickpeas, and I use most of your products regularly in my house". 

According to Mr. Goudas, Frank Commisso is not only a very capable businessman, but above all a wonderful personality.
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